Madden NFL Further improvements worth knowing about

This is a fantastic game which always goes through great improvements as its team really want to deliver a very realistic representation of all happenings before, during and after a football game. In this chapter I’d like to represent you with 5 plus 1 key improvements in Madden NFL 17 that will simply help your experience to be even more realistic than it used to be before.

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The good news about the newest release is, that now you can also download its mobile version available for iPhone in iTunes store or for Android in its app store and play it on your mobile whenever you feel like.

  1. More penalties

Not everyone may welcome this as a good thing, as the previous series were somewhat poorer in penalties than the real-life games, but the developers have decided to finally bring the game to a way more realistic level in terms of this aspect too. The inclusion of penalties for offside, neutral zone infractions or other non-accepted interferences such as defensive passes are definite game changers. I bet those working on finding madden mobile coin hack is already working on how to get around these.

In addition, from now on you will see each players’ penalty trait which will help determine how likely they are to commit a penalty. Just like in real life.

  1. New mode featured: Draft Champions

This additional mode enables players to get into fantasy football draft mode and experience a daily draft with it. There is also a draft tournament one can take part in. This is highly liked and very addictive especially for those who play fantasy football for real life NFL games/seasons too.

  1. Dynamic Drive Goals

This is a good inclusive feature for those dealing with strategy and goals on a higher level.

  1. Quarterback active interface

This feature is especially important for those who do not play with other gamers but play against the computer itself.  As it’s been said, in the earlier versions, many gamers playing against the computer were stressed because the computer controlled things, just did not work how they should have. Now, it looks like this upgrade has resolved those previous issues and it is way better to play against the CPU than before.

  1. New and connected interface for the franchise feature

The game’s developers have succeeded in recreating the earlier convoluted interface into a much easier display type which helps players to comprehend way quicker and easier to all the stats it has to offer.

And an extra feature:

Ground Game update:  this is another much welcomed improvement with the newest series of Madden NFL.

About madden mobile hack tool although we did not discuss the mobile version in this chapter let me tell just briefly, that if you are looking for cheats, ideas or further hacks (reserved for the rare cases you are in a real big financial trouble within the game) are easy to find online. Just look around well, ask around on the official forums and make sure you don’t download anything that may hurt your computer long-term.

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