Experimenting With Nootropics to Increase Hunting Mental Capacity

Journalist Ari Levaux of The Atlantic penned an intriguing article on hunting and the use of nootropics.

Ari talks about his personal challenges with balancing a growing family and getting hunting time in so he can feed that family. An approach he decides to take to improve hunting performance focuses on improving mental capacity.

His strategy of choice is to experiment with the nootropic Alpha Brain from Onnit. Alpha Brain is a smart drug, or nootropic—basically a nutrient rich supplement for your brain—which you read more about here.

His findings were around sleep. Alpha Brain improved his sleep quality and the ability to get out of bed in the morning which translated into more time and alertness on the hunt.

He admits is challenging to draw a definite conclusion between improvements Alpha Brain actually gave. But from his perspective it helped.

These kind of supplements are interesting. They’re absolutely not essential of course, but a lot of what we bring into the field is not strictly necessity either. If the price is reasonable, sure why not give it a go.

If any of you have experimented with similar supplements, or other ways to sharpen the mind while hunting, I’d like to hear. Fire off a question to me at that link. I try to respond to mail within a few days. Occasionally I’m out on longer trips though, so bare with me!

Joe Rogan on The TV Show Meateater

The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is one of the most popular podcasts on the internet. And aside from being a comedian, UFC commentator and more. Joe Rogan is an avid hunter. He harvests and butchers his own meat, and has even has made several appearances on Steven Rinella’s Meateater show which I wrote about before.

Joe Rogan is also outspoken about his take on hunting, the benefits of game over conventional super market meat. And the quality of life of the animals.

Hardcore History

Hardcore History: The King of Kings

This post may seemingly be a bit off topic. But bare with me. I think I’ll win you over.

The Hardcore History Podcast

Hardcore History is a podcast by Dan Carlin. He has covered topics from World War I, to the Mongols, and the latest instalment goes back even further in history to the time of Spartans, Assyrians and Persians. It’s entitled, King of Kings.

Hardcore History

While the episodes typically focus on military history and don’t delve into hunting, there are references. And generally the military breakdown and genius storytelling of Carlin will keep your attention firmly fixed as history unfolds before you.

The reminders and discoveries of what real men were like historically is fascinating to me to. Take the Spartans and their infamous stand at Thermopylae. We can boost our modern day testosterone levels all we want with concoctions like extremetestosteronereviews.com, but let’s be real. Modern day men, I don’t care how hardcore you are, are not going to come close to those warriors.

Give it a listen. I expect you won’t be disappointed.

Sue Aikens: 197 Miles North of The Arctic Circle

Sue Aikens is a warrior. You might know her best from her TV show Life Below Zero.

What do I mean by warrior? Well check out this quote (source National Geographic)

Sue Aikens is as tough as the grizzly bear that attacked her and left her for dead six years ago. “I had to sew my own head together, my arm, and before my hips popped out, I went across the river, found the bear, shot him, called the trooper, and there I lay for 10 days.” At that time, Sue did not know if the bears would come through the wall of her house and she knew she could not defend herself if they did.

Goodness! They don’t come tougher and more stoic than that.

Sue runs Kavik River Camp, a camp for hunters in Alaska. That came is found 500 miles from the nearest city and 80 miles from the nearest road.

When not taking care of hunters during the season, Sue is on her own. On her own all but for the bears and other wild life that is.

Here is a clip from one of the shows:


Meateater The TV Show with Steven Rinella

If you’re into hunting, or even if you’re not, you’ve probably heard of the TV show Meateater.

Master hunter Steven Rinella takes on the challenges of different hunts around the world and brings us along for the ride.

Here’s a clip from the episode Hunting the Elusive Aoudad.

Steve Rinella chases after one of the most elusive game species Texas has to offer- the Aoudad. This may be some of the toughest terrain that Steve has ever hunted. While glassing for Aoudad, Steve harvests a quail and shows you how to prepare the bird in an old school dutch oven!

Steven explains the Aoudad were introduced from Africa and discovers old hunting artefacts in the Texas wilderness. Sharp stones, arrow heads et al.

The show airs on The Sportsman Channel. Check out an episode if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed.