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mobile strike guides

Mobile strike – tips and hints for fast growth

Problem-solving skills are essential for everyone and the childhood is the right age to develop them out. Mostly the great energy level and keenness to know about the new things increase the learning ability of children. They also learn a lot of things from mobile games. With the advanced technology mobile games like mobile strike can teach them great social values like problem-solving. These great skills will be very beneficial for everyone in the real life also.  Problem-solving skills are beneficial in almost every sector of student life, corporate working or any other profession. In the same way, the Mobile strike is a war based game where you face lots of difficulties and learn how to manage with limited resources.

Learn to defeat enemy

In the real world, there are many big and small problems we face every day. We set the goal for our life and face challenges to complete them. The mobile strike will give you a good experience just in mobile how to you can give best by managing your time. As you go ahead in the game your skills will be improving gradually. In the starting of the game, you can choose your mission and build your troops to fight against you enemy. Building structures are also very important because there you get lots of other benefits. Missions are separated according to their difficulty level. But each mission has its own importance and provides you so many rewards, coins, gems and gold when you win.

Social media connections

In addition to this, you can also connect Mobile strike game to your Facebook friend. The mobile strike is a multiplayer game which means you can also enjoy it with your friends. By winning early in the mission you can be very popular among your friends.  You can also impress them by making a perfect alliance and facing the challenges together. This will also save your game money because you will also get the benefits for the in-app purchase of your friend. In addition to this, you get knowledge about the other player who is your enemy and who is your friend in Mobile strike world.

Be patience

You must have great patience if you are going to upgrade your resources in Mobile strike game because this might take few seconds to complete. However, you can also reduce this time by spending some coins. But for the better option, you should wait or simply log off for a while and come back again whenever you get time. In case you can wait for some time it is great because all the upgrade will be there for you.

Making game money is possible in the Mobile strike by playing more and more missions like daily mission, weekly mission, and VIP mission. After every winning, there are thousands of coins, gems, and gold points. You can buy lots of things with them later on. Search out resources buildings to get more resources. You can also use mobile strike tricks to get unlimited gold and gems.

Simcity Buildit – Plan Your City With Perfection!


When you play strategy based games like Simcity Buildit, you need to make special efforts in order for winning. Games like Simcity Buildit will not only make you entertained for a long time but even occupy your mind. You need to plan and plan, in order to cross higher levels of the game. For sure, you can gain guidance from experienced players in order to know deep about the game and avoid unwanted troubles. When we talk about the toughest aspect of Simcity Buildit, surely we need to consider attaining SimCash at top of the list.

As a player, we must keep searching for tactics which will get more SimCash. Attaining virtual currencies of the game is pretty time-consuming task especially when you don’t know how to hack simcity buildit or you know and look to apply stuff like Simcity Buildit guide. With tools and real money, you get an opportunity to attain more SimCash quickly. Both the methods have their own positives and negative aspects. When you go for the in-app purchase you are asked to invest real money in order to get SimCash and Simoleons. It is pretty tough indeed for most the game lovers to spend money on virtual currencies of the game and they keep on searching for other effective options. Well, the second effective option is to execute a bit of searching and find out quality Simcity Buildit Tricks tools. With these, you will not only get unlimited resources but can generate them as many times as you desire.


Playing mobile games like Simcity Buildit is wonderful especially when you desire to build your own dream city. For sure, you do have plans to keep residents happy. In the game, you need to design a layout which will help in maintaining an adequate balance between residential and industrial areas. You will take care of water, electricity, sewage, hospitals, industries, stores, police stations and fire stations in order to construct a perfect city. Apart from the mentioned basic facilities, there is a need to provide the most advanced services to Sims like educational parks in order to make them happy and attain increased tax money.

Entire Simcity Buildit game is based on increasing population and upgrading residents. You need to make sure; you get more tax money in order to ensure smooth functioning of the city. The more levels you cross, the level of toughness will increase. Without any doubt, Simcity Buildit is one mobile game which you can easily play for a long time. Just before playing the game, you need to plan and design a layout in your mind. It is always beneficial indeed to define a particular task in a day and try to complete it. When you are in a hurry and need virtual currencies of the game in huge numbers, better is to apply in-app purchase or tool option. The choice is entirely yours as you need to define ways which will assist in constructing a perfect city.

Forget Spending Cash With The Help Of Pixel Gun 3d Guide

Most people playing Pixel Gun 3D are of the view that they have to spend excess cash for accumulating treasures or gold. After all, these are required to buy weapons, armors and boots and build a good survival camp. Otherwise, it is not possible to advance rapidly in the game. Well, you must also not be an exception to this. If you have lately started playing this game, you know how difficult it is to acquire those resources. Moreover, you do not want to create a hole in your pocket by spending excess cash for the sake of your game.

In order to play the game effectively, it is obvious that you will need to accumulate the resources and make use of some great strategies. The pixel gun 3d tricks is one of the most amazing tools that can enable you to get what you need for an effective game playing experience. The tool is made in a way so that you can generate all the things you want completely for free. As a result, you will do a lot better than before, and you will not have to get frustrated any more. You will not be killed because you will have lots of resources to protect yourself. This can indeed turn out to be great, as a whole.

Pixel Gun 3D Tricks

When you play in multiplayer mode and utilize the features of this tool, you will certainly be able to feel a great difference. In addition to that, it will even give you a guaranteed win, which will further enhance your interest for the game. The gold and gems can be acquired easily, and you will become a strong player like never before. The best thing is that you will not have to wait permanently to upgrade your account or acquire them with hard work. With just the click of a button, you can generate unlimited gems and gold, and these can be utilized in your game in one of the best ways.

It is true that there are several approaches of achieving endless coins, but using this tool is one of the best approaches. As a result, you will not have to wait for a long time to defeat your enemies and move up to the next levels. You can achieve your goals within a short time, and this will definitely enhance your excitement for the game. It will be great fun on your part to defeat the enemies and become a top level player in the game.

Your competitors will envy you, and they will wonder about the secret of your success. However, they will not be able to gauge the reason and this will definitely give you loads of satisfaction. Even the gaming authorizes will not get an idea of you using pixel gun 3d hack apk, and hence you can continue enjoying the game. The combination of these things will ensure that you are successful as a gamer and you will love playing the game all the more. Therefore, derive maximum fun and entertainment from this game.

Madden NFL Further improvements worth knowing about

This is a fantastic game which always goes through great improvements as its team really want to deliver a very realistic representation of all happenings before, during and after a football game. In this chapter I’d like to represent you with 5 plus 1 key improvements in Madden NFL 17 that will simply help your experience to be even more realistic than it used to be before.

madden mobile guides

The good news about the newest release is, that now you can also download its mobile version available for iPhone in iTunes store or for Android in its app store and play it on your mobile whenever you feel like.

  1. More penalties

Not everyone may welcome this as a good thing, as the previous series were somewhat poorer in penalties than the real-life games, but the developers have decided to finally bring the game to a way more realistic level in terms of this aspect too. The inclusion of penalties for offside, neutral zone infractions or other non-accepted interferences such as defensive passes are definite game changers. I bet those working on finding madden mobile coin hack is already working on how to get around these.

In addition, from now on you will see each players’ penalty trait which will help determine how likely they are to commit a penalty. Just like in real life.

  1. New mode featured: Draft Champions

This additional mode enables players to get into fantasy football draft mode and experience a daily draft with it. There is also a draft tournament one can take part in. This is highly liked and very addictive especially for those who play fantasy football for real life NFL games/seasons too.

  1. Dynamic Drive Goals

This is a good inclusive feature for those dealing with strategy and goals on a higher level.

  1. Quarterback active interface

This feature is especially important for those who do not play with other gamers but play against the computer itself.  As it’s been said, in the earlier versions, many gamers playing against the computer were stressed because the computer controlled things, just did not work how they should have. Now, it looks like this upgrade has resolved those previous issues and it is way better to play against the CPU than before.

  1. New and connected interface for the franchise feature

The game’s developers have succeeded in recreating the earlier convoluted interface into a much easier display type which helps players to comprehend way quicker and easier to all the stats it has to offer.

And an extra feature:

Ground Game update:  this is another much welcomed improvement with the newest series of Madden NFL.

About madden mobile hack tool although we did not discuss the mobile version in this chapter let me tell just briefly, that if you are looking for cheats, ideas or further hacks (reserved for the rare cases you are in a real big financial trouble within the game) are easy to find online. Just look around well, ask around on the official forums and make sure you don’t download anything that may hurt your computer long-term.